Quote IconStrater did not remember what they talked about – just “painting and writing” – Ernest, sitting by the window in the good light, and Mike on a stool to rest his bum ankle, and the two talking and Ernest walking around to see himself forming on the canvas. The first one with the grey background he said looked too much like H.G. Wells, so Mike painted another with a red background and a tougher face like a boxer. A painter could do that – change the light, alter the line, shift the color of reality until it suited his purpose. So could a writer, Ernest realized: reality was not art and realism was not photography. Once he knew his purpose, all that mattered was telling the story right; if the light needed to fade or the image needed to shift to make his point, then, like the painter, he changed what he knew and what he heard of reality to meet art’s necessity. He came to understand what Ezra told him: fiction and painting were both based on selection. Mike did not put everything into the painting, and what he left out was still invisibly present if he did it right.

Hemingway The Paris Years by Michael Reynolds

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How do we know how?

What does it mean to not know how to do something when you can already see it in your mind or hear it in your head - the only thing is that you can’t just put it down on paper or out into the air - something about your body doesn’t know how.

I had a conversation with John Mark McMillan last night about something that I think is very interesting. By the way, I consider John Mark to be one of the ones I consider to be making a valiant effort in transcending some of these imposed limitations in this industry. But he mentioned to me how strange it is that people keep calling his new album “creative.” That word is actually one of the most used words when people describe our music as well. In fact, I bet some of you reading this have described as such. Here’s the weird thing about this…

Why do you find it necessary to say that?

Do you notice that nobody really uses that word about other types of music? I just was perusing some Itunes user reviews to see if this holds up. I checked John Mark and mine, and “creativity” is very often found. But it’s not often found in reviews of bands like Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens or other artists who are certainly very “creative.”

Nobody goes to an art gallery and says, “boy, that painting is so creative.” Why? Because it’s art! Of course it’s creative! Why else would it be there? It’s very nature is creativity. Or like Lisa pointed out to me today, “that would be like saying, I love your house, it’s so architectural.”

But when someone in the Christian industry actually takes their art seriously, everybody is like “holy crap, listen to how creative it is!”
It’s like a person that’s been living among zombies for years seeing an actual human being and exclaiming, “wow, look at how clean her face is! She doesn’t even have any blood on it or anything!”


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Olivia and friends did tea today

and much to my surprise so did I

receiving a passerby’s invite to partake:

Little pie plates of lemon marangue

small white cups, invisibly brimming, hot

with scentless celestial sunflower chai

I had a delightful one sided talk 

with a monkey named Franklyn Waters

and Liv retold the stories Frank forgot

Wearing a grace that mirrors her mother’s

Even caring for those without histories

Living out the love we found in scriptures

This morning stopped me in revery

Our house, has become a home, oh mystery.

Hey guys, 

News: I have some very creative, talented, and beautiful friends that I’d like to showoff.

So I’ve decided to add a page to my blog where people can see a little of what these wonderful people are up to, and have a way to connect to them and enjoy their art.

For now I’m starting off with just links, but there will be more to come soon.

Check them out!

Much love,