All My Heart Could Sing

Last Wednesday 11.28 I had the sweet honor of being part of a songwriters night in Boston called The Thing. We got together nine songwriters, all playing on each others songs, and all chipping in artistically in different ways.

One of the songs I sung was ‘All My Heart Could Sing’. I’ve never played this one and had so many friends singing harmonies on the chorus. My friend John accompanied with sweet nothings on the electric guitar, and another new friend, Deni, graced us all with her high lines on the keys. It was beautiful to have other people add their voices, and ideas to my music, and also to be able to contribute to theirs, hence the honor that I feel. 

Take a listen, there are some others to check out too. And thank you as always for listening to my music and the adventures I’ve been on.

Much love,

- Manasseh

A little something something from a song by my band JUNGLE FIRES.

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