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Tacombi: Best tacoria in NYC.

Hurricane Sandy has turned this afternoon into an exploration of the great indoors. Which means I’ve been wandering through the photos I took this past summer and making little discoveries here and there that I’d like to share. Sidenote: All the cafe’s in Boston are closed - except for Thinking Cup - which I hear will be open until 6PM. I’ll have to stop there for some beans after this…Anyway, onward.

Nearly every time I visit New York my friends and I make it a point to stop by this little mexican restaurant in SoHo called Tacombi. Being from the West Coast, and having a mom from Mexico I can say, with what I feel is a good bit of authority, that finding solid mexican food in the North East is not the easiest of tasks. Boston has probably two that are really good but neither that I’d ever drive 4 hours for - not that I’d actually do that, but you get what I’m saying. As is the case with many things we search for, some good things just take a little while to find, the advice of a friend, the unpredictable butterfly effects of a storm.

On my most recent visit to NYC I took this photo after ordering a few of my favorites from the menu: the quesadillas and the crispy fish taco’s. If you ever find yourself in the area and craving authentic mexican food, take a visit, tell your friends.